"I  believe every single one of us has the potential to live our best life no matter how imperfect it seems to be at the current time.

It is up to us to make the best out of it." 

Nanda Klein

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"Your life is greater than your problems!"

Nanda Klein



January 27, 2021 

This week, KaleidoscopeWoJo  (https://www.kaleidoscopewojo.com) features The Happiest Of All, where Nanda Klein presents an encouraging concept; suggesting where there is gratitude, happiness is sure to follow.  

Click below to read Nanda's essay.




January 3, 2021 

This week on KaleidoscopeWoJo  (https://www.kaleidoscopewojo.com),Nanda Klein’s interview is featured in the Writers Spotlight.

Click below to read Kaleidoscope WoJo Reflections on Women’s Journeys, Writer

Interview:  Nanda Klein


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