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A Birthday Aparty!

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

The coronavirus can keep us apart physically, but it can't stop us from being together. We will keep on celebrating birthdays virtually if that's what we gotta do. Just like we did last weekend.

In fact, the only barrier keeping us from celebrating the birthday aparty together wasn't the coronavirus or the internet connection. Dreadfully, the one to blame was our very own virtual host, J.T., who not only had his clock set to Peruvian time, as usual, but when he finally made an appearance at the Zoom meeting he also showed clear signs of being a bit tipsy after pool-partying all day long in the east wing of his mansion's garden.

"Excuse me, J.T, but you are late to start our virtual meeting. We all understand that hanging with your teenage kids makes you feel younger and more vigorous but now is time to get this conference started with your middle-aged friends," said an unidentified co-host on a conference call.

"Now, you idiot, get the f*