A spiritual perspective into the Coronavirus.

This week made me realize that the main reason I have been feeling so peaceful about the Coronavirus pandemic is due to my faith. However, the things I've witnessed during the last couple of days frightened me. If we are reliant solely upon people for this thing to go away here in Miami, we are in deep, serious trouble!

I know we all have our own beliefs. Which is ok! I am a firm believer that we don't have to agree as long as we are civil enough to have the capability of respecting others and accepting the fact that everyone is different and entitled to have their own opinion. As I have shared previously, during very tough times in my life I had the opportunity to get to find out who God truly is. https://kleinnanda.wixsite.com/thenandakleinjournal/post/happy-new-year-hope-new-year

During this past week while virtually chatting with a friend who happens to be a nurse, I observed a trait that I used to have myself, a very common one, which is to be fearful of something and subconsciously automatically neglect the existence of a superior God who is above and in control of all. The topic of our conversation made me travel back in time and recall the time when I relied on my own power and strength. Not because I didn't have faith, but for not considering myself important enough to be worthy of God's time.

At a point I just got really tired of listening to what everyone said about God and decided to let go of the fear of reaching out to Him, despite of how many times religious leaders made me believe that I - like almost everybody else - just wasn't good enough to deserve His help or attention. In some ways I know that is true, but I came to learn that God's love is everlasting. It is greater than anything we can find in this world! The love parents have for their children is only a small fraction in comparison to the love God has for us...

I can say that because I have lived and felt it myself. One day, over a decade ago, I reached out to Him and ever since I have learned that God is extremely faithful, caring and loving. I know He has been taking great care of me and protecting me even before I truly knew who He was. So my line of thought at the current moment is:

"Why would I feel any different about Him right now?"

For many years I experienced things in which I wasn't even capable of putting in my own words. As I started reading the Bible I not only found so many similar situations that I lived without even knowing about such stories. Nevertheless, I also came to the realization that most of the people He chose were as flawed as me. They weren't perfect or free of sin like everyone else. So, no matter how others try to make you believe you are not good enough, remember that even the ones who point their fingers at you have sins as well. Never be afraid of reaching out to God and opening your heart and soul to Him. I promise, you won't regret it!

Do I think God caused this Pandemic?

"I really want to say that I don't know, but with all the honesty, I don't think so..."

But how can I to be so sure?! Well, I am not certain of it. All I can do is wonder. However, if it wasn't Him, He certainly has allowed this to happen, at last. In my humble view this is something for humans to be blamed for. In spite of everything, God gives us freewill to make our own choices, so I would highly disagree with the believe that He is responsible for everything that happens. Sometimes things simply happen as a consequence of our own choices.

I have been reading a lot of social media posts about God's possible reasonings for all of this to be happening. It goes far beyond us becoming better human beings; it stretches a long way towards even saving the planet. Now, if I presume this was all God's idea and those were really His intentions I am going to have to say that I am trying very hard not to be negative here and, forgive me, but people are making it nearly impossible for me to believe in humanity and the ability to learn from such context at this moment. Even more lamentably said: to change at all! Sorry, but I have to be realistic.

I hope you don't misinterpret me; I do often see all the stories about business owners offering products and meals for free for healthcare workers active on the frontlines. Many examples of people really being kind to others and while those are extremely cheerful and can bring a lot of hope, the reality is, I think, that is already part of their essence; who they are.

Meanwhile these amazing folks work hard to make this a better place mostly now that we desperately need it, on the other hand we have plenty of imbeciles out there trying to drag down everyone who listens to the government agencies recommendations and mocking whoever believes in the severity of the Coronavirus and it's consequences.

According to the White House we should be having very hard weeks ahead of us, not only with more cases of the Coronavirus but also a severe increase in the amount of deaths. To be more specific, the next six days. Given that, even before heading out to do groceries I already felt stressed and overwhelmed about it. To my despair, while I was out, I had the feeling people are acting like nothing is going on, except for the fact that now they added gloves and masks to their attire.

Streets were busy, parking lots were full, people all over the place. This was, in fact, the most horrific experience I had since it all began about a month ago. After last weeks grocery shopping I had the wrong impression that things were about to wind down. That most individuals had already hoarded enough to stay indoors. I was absolutely wrong! As a matter of fact, things are getting even worse and I am not talking specifically about customers; what amazes me the most it is to see how unprepared and out of touch with reality the workers of such places are.

Up until this last experience I wasn't wearing a mask or gloves, but always taking the recommended precautions. In fact, until Friday the recommendations of the CDC was to keep practicing social distancing staying at least, 6 feet away from others. On the evening of April, 3rd during the White House Coronavirus Task Force Briefing US Surgeon General Jerome Adams informed us that the CDC is now recommending citizens and residents to voluntarily cover their faces while outside at places such as pharmacies and grocery stores where it is nearly impossible to keep the required distance.

The changes came after data showed that up to 25% of the cases of contamination came from individuals who were asymptomatic. The request has the intent to help preventing the spread of the virus and not as a form of protection itself. It was emphasized that the best way to be protected is to keep the previously mentioned distance of 6 feet away, but covering mouth and nose at certain places would be helpful at this point. And I couldn't agree any less, mainly after my latest trip out.

Meanwhile stores are placing squares and tape on the floor as a way to indicate the safe distance and force customers to practice social distancing, which in my opinion the main intent is to follow government rules to not be shut down, workers don't bother to even try to keep their distance from clients. They walk towards us like such requirements do not apply to them.

In addition, other consumers with their gloves and masks walk around like they are immune to the virus with absolute no sense of social distancing, which was in the first place the reason the CDC was against the use of them because it gives the false sense of security. If someone carrying the virus talks, sneezes or coughs from a ratio under 6 feet, the masks being used won't prevent others from contracting the virus, unless it is a N95 mask that, in actuality, will effectively last for eight hours - at most - in case of intermittent use and they are as well needed for healthcare professionals. The other masks ideally should be disposed after used, unless they are washable.

At this point here in the United States the daily death tool is over a thousand. Nonetheless, some out there still consider the Coronavirus to be a joke. I had an unpleasant encounter with an extremely uninformed and ignorant individual who was hanging in the middle of an isle at the grocery store texting on her phone while several other shoppers tried to get around, finish shopping and head out of the store.

Furthermore, I had a very polite older gentleman who closely approached me while I was standing on top of my "x" waiting to check out, to ask me if I was in line. It impresses me to see how many out there are still so uninformed and unaware of the Coronavirus prevention guidelines.

Unfortunately, I am not finished yet. That all is without the amount of egotistical, self-absorbed creatures all around the town driving like lunatics. In addition, if it wasn't for the fact that I decided to run on the street this past week, I would have been hit by a cyclist riding full speed on the sidewalk around a corner. Not to mention the trash being dropped everywhere. And yes! I hate to say that, but there are very rude runners out there as well!

Given that, I must say that if God, in fact, is causing all of this because He has a purpose, I am afraid to say it might not be working very well. If I know God enough I could say He would know that way ahead of time, without even having to try it. But I do hope this whole thing will bring people closer to God.

On a positive note, I am working hard to not let myself to be dragged down by all the unfortunate things I have shared today. In fact, I had an amazing time last night with my friends in something I called an "aparty" (apart + party = aparty) at Zoom. The theme was to wear a silly hat or a costume and BYOD (bring your own drink). For a small second there was even some music playing. The backgrounds were fantastic! We had so much fun. Frankly, I don't recall the last time I laughed so much. Those were definitely three very well spent hours even in spite of the fact that some of us didn't have very good news to share we still made the best out of it and we are hoping to have another "aparty" very soon! Too bad not everyone made to the picture...

I know having faith doesn't mean anything bad is going to happen, but I think believing in someone who is in control makes a big difference at the end of the day. It brings me hope for better days and it inspires me to get a bunch of people together to share some stories and smiles. Reminds me to live one day at a time and enjoy each moment I can. To make the best of it. That, itself takes a lot of pressure off of my shoulders because I know I am not alone. We are better together even while apart.

By the way, the dress up ideas were awesome, but the backgrounds were definitely the winner last night!

How about you? What have you been doing to recharge your batteries and to get rid of all the negativity?

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