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Cooking is Caring

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

And now . . . Featuring me back in 2014 when we lived in an apartment in San Jose, California. I was making some Brazilian pancakes. Savory for dinner; sweet for dessert! I will be sharing the pictures and recipes sometime in the near future.

I've heard so many friends tell me they don't like to cook; that cooking feels like a chore to them. I get it. I think cooking, like many other things, is not for everyone. I also consider it to be an art. A gift! Not everyone has the skill, but I grew up with a mother that cooked delicious meals. Both of my grandmothers also cooked very well. So did my dad. Bottom line: I might have gotten my love for cooking from them.

My mom cooked and baked the most amazing things—she would even make pizza and ice cream from scratch. Don’t get me started on the delicious Brazilian beef and cheese she’d make, fried empanadas, exceptional desserts, and so on. Oh! And the best french fries ever! Rice, beans, steak. You name it! No wonder I liked to eat so much. Well, actually, I still like to, so never mind!