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Sand, Ocean & Sunrise

When a morning run with friends leads to a surprising oasis.

That 2020 hasn't been a good year for many of us is an understatement. As a matter of fact, we are pretty much done with this year and I don't just mean literally. Although I am very aware that this year has presented plenty of reasons to be resentful, I have to say that I don't feel like I can really complain much.

The last couple of months, however, have been very challenging to me. As usual, my escape is to go for a run with my friends, to whom I have become very close over the years, pretty much like family. For a moment, though, I was concerned after an unfortunate event that happened very recently involving one of the runners. His actions could have severely affected all of us, but thankfully we were all OK. At least, physically.

Notwithstanding, the knot that keeps us together proved to be stronger than the incident. Still, with so many strange things going on around the running community since the quarantine was imposed and as the end of the year approaches—circumstances that even involved police investigations at some of our run locations—it ended up adding a great deal of stress and anxiety to some of us runners.

The concern for our safety gave us no other option rather than to seek a new running spot.

As I like to say, while getting out of our comfort zone can be a bit unpleasant, it also brings the possibility of experiencing incredible new feelings and sensations never before perceived. With that came the desire to try a new route.

As we began our morning run crossing a bridge, the horizon gave us a small glimpse of what was ahead of us. We, however, had no clue. Not just yet! As we entered the trail and became surrounded by trees and green vegetation, we could never have guessed what was on the other side.

As we approached the edge of the trail, we were surprised by the natural beauty ahead of us. The run demanded a pause. I was mesmerized. Speechless! Right ahead of me was a breath-taking sunrise at the beach. Like one I haven't seen in my entire life. The ocean was simply beautiful. I felt pulled toward the shore. I just couldn't help myself. I looked around and what I saw and felt made me want to scream at the top of my lungs . . .

As I looked up, I opened my arms and thanked God. I thanked Him for being so kind and for taking good care of me. I then shouted the few words I was able to speak:

I'm alive!

And that's simply how I felt...

Ultimately, it's all about the energy and good vibes. In that very moment as I stepped on the sand, even while wearing my shoes, I got my emotional batteries recharged to their fullest. Not all days are good, but moments like that are, indeed, powerful enough to make up for them.

After a break for a couple of pictures, we kept on going. We ran along the shore, observing the palm trees, the sound of the ocean, and birds hovering over our heads. I couldn't be more thankful for being alive at that moment alongside my friends. I felt lucky for having them to share that very special moment with me. I felt blessed simply for being and feeling alive!

What makes you feel alive?
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