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Gramado: A little piece of Germany in Brazil.

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

This mountain resort town in the southernmost state of Brazil captivates tourists year round through its European-inspired architecture, charming chalets, phenomenal gastronomy, outstanding friendliness, and its natural beauty, to say the least.

I am not the kind of person who enjoys doing the same thing repeatedly. However, Gramado and the towns that are a part of the Serra Gaucha mountain region at Rio Grande do Sul never get old. As a Gaucha myself (a female who was born in the Rio Grande do Sul state), I've been visiting Gramado since I was a child. Mostly as a one-day trip, since it's about a two hour drive from Porto Alegre, the capital city's metropolitan area, where I grew up.

During my husband’s first visit to Brazil when we were dating, my family and I took him for a day trip. Ever since, with few exceptions, whenever we’ve gone to Brazil in the past twelve years, we have visited Gramado and its surrounding area for at least a weekend. Despite the fact it is a very romantic and charming town, it has been even more joyful since we started traveling there with our daughter, and the region is extremely family-friendly as well.

Mini Mundo (Mini World) is a small theme park that features

miniature cities and attractions from all over the world

Although Mini Mundo is a perfect spot and fascinating to young children,

it is also enjoyable and entertaining to audiences of all ages

A stop at Lago Negro is mandatory for couples looking for a romantic spot, families wanting to have a good time, and friends seeking a place to enjoy nature and relax.

Across from Lago Negro, there is another option for entertainment with children and an incredible opportunity to experience German culinary and traditions with a live band at the Bier Garten restaurant.

Visitors are welcome to go up the stairs and visit the princess' room at the top of the tower. At times, it is even possible to meet the princess herself.

When it comes to gastronomy, Gramado has a wide variety of European cuisine, but my favorites are the fondue restaurants found all over the town. For me, a trip to Gramado is not a full experience without an evening at C'est Mieux restaurant.

Besides the delightful cuisine and inviting live music, this restaurant, like a couple of others in town, offers child care and local transportation. Hotel and resort pick up and drop off are free of charge. The quality of service, welcoming vibe, and top-of-the-line customer service are incredible and highly appreciated, especially after my recent trip to Europe when I finally realized why so many tourists from all over the world are so in love with Brazil and the Brazilian hospitality. It is a kind of treatment I've never experienced in any other place around the world!

Eating out in Gramado is always delightful. After all, full belly—happy heart! t!

Further, when it comes to dining in Gramado, it is nearly impossible not to talk about lust at its highest levels. Cafe Colonial offers a wide range of various foods in different rounds. Basically, it’s all-you-can-eat done the right way. My favorite spot is Bela Vista Cafe Colonial where they offer childcare as well.

Below are three examples of different sequences of servings. There is also a buffet area with cakes and other desserts available.

Keep in mind to save your appetite, wear loose-fitting clothes, and make sure your

gym membership is active and ready to go after you return from your vacation

Although the food is tempting, Gramado has a lot more to offer, from sightseeing to shopping. Avenida Borges de Medeiros and downtown are well-known spots for tourists and one of my favorite areas to stroll around and shop.

The most fascinating thing to me about Gramado is the fact that no matter what time of year you visit, there's always something different going on. The last couple of trips we took were mostly over the holiday season or during winter, which are my favorite times to visit. In the summer, they have Christmas lights displayed and several events at the Natal Luz Gramado.

During Easter, Gramado is very popular as well since the town is known nationwide for its specialty gourmet chocolates available throughout the entire year, but since Easter is the height of the season for the chocolate industry in Brazil, it gets very busy. The city is also decorated accordingly.

My favorite place to stay while in Gramado during the winter is Hotel Alpestre. Besides the beautiful atmosphere and view, they have an indoor, heated swimming pool. They offer childcare with programs and activities, plus a baby-friendly room for parents to prepare meals and warm up bottles. Around the hotel's restaurant area, there's a child sitting/play area where the little ones can enjoy their own meal at a designated area especially for them with Alceu, the hotel's mascot. Meanwhile, parents can peacefully enjoy a delicious complementary buffet-style breakfast by themselves if they choose to.

All the elements combined together at this hotel, in this town with such a wonderful climate, actually challenges me somewhat to find the right words to describe the feeling. It's a sense of peace with a dash of comfort, enjoyment, and relaxation all at the same time. Hopefully, the images below will be able to help to convey a bit of what I am trying to express.

I hope from now on when you think of Brazil, you can recollect a little bit of what you've heard about Gramado and know that my beautiful country has so much more to offer other than the busy Sao Paulo and the sexy Rio de Janeiro beaches. Brazil is also a place to find some peace and quiet. There, you can really relax.

I can't wait to go back.

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