No Problem! If we can't party we will "Aparty"!

Updated: Apr 18

Because of the coronavirus, just like everybody else, my friends and I are not allowed to gather. However, thanks to Zoom we have found a new way to be closer and have a good time. After all, if we can't party we will aparty!

With so many changes we have been forced to face lately, after a while we not only start to get tired of being confined, but at a point we start to wonder if we are going mad. I, for example, had a very hard time a couple of days ago. I started to feel like I am trapped; as if life simply has been put on hold.

So, at this point you probably are looking at this word "aparty" and wondering if you are really that much out of touch with the outside world. Given that, realizing there are so many words out there you didn't even know existed, since before March you were just too busy living your life and now you probably spend most of your time watching Netflix...

Behold! It's nothing to worry about. Although, I felt the same way when I recently read this romantic note sent to a friend of mine on a dating app in which the fella expressed that "prayerfully" they would be able to get to know each other better. Something like that. Honestly, I got so caught up on the word that I completely lost focus on the rest of the message.

Thankfully, I wasn't the only one who was unacquainted with the expression. Prayerfully, according to Thesaurus dictionary means "devoutly, religiously. Prayerful." Which makes me wonder who wouldn't want to date such an intellectual gentleman?! I bet my friend was so intrigued she couldn't help herself but to look up some fancy words and reach out to him. I bet they both would get along just fine trying to see who has the ability to impress the other the most!

This time, however, make no mistake. You‘ve probably never heard of the word "aparty" unless it was a typo. Nonetheless, that simply is the term I found to best describe our Zoom videoconference get together while the coronavirus keeps us apart. So I thought it would be a good idea to call it an "aparty" (apart + party = aparty).

Realizing that with the stress of the entire situation we are going through as a community added to the fact that we can't even gather to take a break from this pile of information and stats that keeps building up and adding weight on our shoulders, I had the idea to make it a theme aparty: a costume/dress up silly/be creative attire to lighten up the mood. And of course, included in the invite was a reminder to "bring your own drink" etiquette, since now-a-days we all have been spending all our budgets stocking up on toilet paper and no one can afford to host with absolutely no financial contributions at all.

That being said, after the costume aparty was set up, the ID Meeting and password had been sent out, the excitement and anxiety in some of the guests started to build up even a couple of days prior to the event taking place:

"Nanda, first of all, are you a Zoom member? Because unless you are one, you can't host a meeting for over forty minutes. I would love to attend it but I'm sorry. I won't be dressing up and waisting my expensive make-up for a forty minute meeting." informed Maril A. in a private message.

As usual, being very kind, accepting of all friends and understanding the fact that Maril A. is quite demanding, she also recalled that she was the one who actually refused to bring salad to the Friendsgiving party. To please her, Nanda contacted J.T and requested him, as a member, to host the party since Maril A., from all friends, was the one suffering the most with the quarantine, given that all the marinas have been closed is affecting her severely: not being able to attend her weekly yacht parties with her high class besties has been tough on her.

"The Tiger King Diva"

However, she is not the only one facing challenges in these difficult times. Lomes, who used to make a living out of delivering mail now is considering a career as a bank robber, but has been finding difficulties since every time he tries to rob a bank there are already many others who had the same idea and arrived ahead of him. He hopes to have better luck next time.

"The Bank Robber"

But if anyone was really in trouble that had to be Frap who as a health care worker has been freaking out every morning before heading out to work since he just can’t decide which mask he will pick first: the unicorn or the mermaid homemade one or none. After all, he is an Ironman, not plastic-man, cardboard-man or stainless steel-man.

"The unicorn who lost it's horn in quarentene."

Apart from his issues having to make a decision, he also had to deal with the concerns of the single ladies who kept interrogating him about the coronavirus stats in regards to males over forty years old being more affected them women, reducing the amount of available prospects on the market for them. Realizing that in some ways he adds to the problem, he was left with no other choice but to change the subject and start an informative "wearing a mask for dummies tutorial", which actually ended up working pretty well.

Actually that, in fact, wasn't any of Rose's concerns. She was more busy focusing on how the quarantine has been affecting her mental health. While all guests were busy learning how to accurately wear a mask, she was experiencing a lot of confusion with her personal-self during the meeting with her conflicting personalities, unsure if she was a Star Wars character or a sea animal, at a point deciding to go offline to make up her mind. We still haven't heard back from her on that.

Meanwhile, Alicia who joined the meeting a bit later was more concerned about staying in between her daughter and son in law to make sure they kept their 6 feet distance during the quarantine. I guess she is just not ready to become a grandmother. At least, not yet!

Disil, on the other hand, has been having a great time since he still drives to work, fearless, trying to find out if his customers are having issues with a virus or not. So far he has tested several computers and the anti-virus has been working very well. Ecos, who works in IT as well, however, was extremely distracted creating his own pernsonal anti-virus. At least he is certain he didn't get the coronavirus himself during the video conference.

Differently from Disil, who is the only one still going to the office to chat with his computuers, Cravila, who has been isolated at home with no one to talk to for a long time, apparently has been severely affected by it. Her ability to communicate vocally is compromised: the only words she said during the entire meeting were “mountain Bike”, “hungry” and “dinner”, respectively.

Well, at least she was able to endure the meeting for the entire three hours, unlike Patrin who after two glasses of wine passed out on the couch. At least she admits it! Some others most likely drank an entire bottle of pina colada and vanished with no warning to later on allege that they had to cook dinner for one of her kids. We sure believe you, Bella!

Say the least, you didn't spend an entire hour saying you had to leave and never would because you just couldn't stop drinking your wine like Vanguilla.

"Bye, guys! I have to go! Oh, one more glass of wine! Now I really have to go. Wait! Just one more...", she kept repeating.
"Just go already!" Someone unidentified shouted!

The truth is there’s only one of us who has absolutely nothing to worry about. That is Raguila, who after changing Miami for one of the Carolina's took advantage of the beautiful weather to join the aparty from the beach where he was sunbathing under his sweater. Thankfully it was the perfect weather for him to try some revolutionary defying aquatic exercises since, apparently, the water there is too clean for a former poop-beach goer triathlete. Now he spends most of his time inland at his new place by the shore.

“It fits six people in my new house!” He repeatedly states excitedly every so often.

He surely can't wait for this coronavirus thing to go away to host our very first post-covid19 party! Hopefully with the funds collected after his successful carpet ad as a cover model he will be able to afford a private jet for his fellas after he returns from his extravagant trip to the moon.

Well, for now... Thank you J.T for kindly hosting our aparties!

Cheers to us, guys!

By the princess in quarantine.

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